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My collection is inspired by the futuristic perspective where human and nature try to reconnect in a contemporary urban environment. It tells the story of a city that changes through reflexive natural influences. 

These days the modern buildings in cities are known for their hard materials and strong lines. These cities estrange more and more from nature. Futuristic architecture is searching to regain, balance between modern cities and nature. Hereby the focus of cities shifts from the hard stones of skyscrapers to the existing living organisms.

Biophilic design is a design strategy that reconnects people with the natural environment. It may be seen as a necessary complement to sustainable green architecture, which seeks to minimize the environmental impact of urbanization but does not include human reconnection with the natural world. The colorful elements and textile adjustments reflect the relationship between the modern cities and nature and create organic silhouettes with a static touch


Lookbook photos Biophillic collection

Photography by Laudy Verschuren